I make illustrations and guide you through your creative project. My skills in making images allow me to be versatile and create for various types of projects:

Concept Art

I create concept art for video games. These images will help define the look of your game and be of support for your dev team. I can create a general mood for a scene or focus on a specific part/object/character. Here are a few examples of what I can make for your game:

This process, generally applied to games, can also be of use for shorts, animated films or clips.

Beyond these areas of application, concept art type images can also be useful for other projects such as theater stage design or urban architectural previsualization. These images can help sell your project to your client.

Game Art

Visuals and graphics play a big role in the success of your video game. To help reach this success, I create game art that will make the player experience more clear, unique and appealing:

  • 2D assets (objects, characters, environments, etc)
  • textures
  • UI/UX
  • graphic interfaces


I also make storyboards to better prepare your project such as:

  • shorts
  • intro videos
  • teasers
  • video clips

Quel est mon processus de travail?

Generally, my clients receive these elements during the making of a project:

  • 2-3 sketches to establish the base of the image
  • 2-3 colorkeys to establish the general mood, colors and light
  • the final image

It is with pleasure that I discuss your needs with you. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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